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Our Research Projects

We work on projects that examine problematic systems that only serve a numbered few. We look for ways to change those systems by sparking conversations for meaningful change. 

Our preference is to work with students, empowering them to actively participate in building their own future, with an eye on seven generations forward.


May 2023

Words 2 Action: DEI Mobilization Map

"The impetus of this document was to turn the recommendations from “How Inclusive are Canada’s Chambers of Commerce? A Report Card” into actionable steps, however the project has morphed into a map for any organization to mobilize people and DEI policies to address widespread systemic inequities.

Creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization and embedding that into an organization’s heartbeat is no longer optional. If your organization has not begun to consider significant changes in DEI and the shifting of power dynamics, have you considered the cost?"

September 2022

How Inclusive are Canada's Chambers of Commerce? 
A Report Card

"As leaders in the Canadian business ecosystem, Chambers of Commerce bring together professionals to network, celebrate success and support economic growth, both for the businesses and for the communities they serve. Each of these organizations (which can also operate as a Board of Trade) claim to advocate, as one voice, for its business members. Chambers operate in communities big and small, from Canadian coast to Canadian coast.

As recognized leaders, how does this national brand perform when it comes to representing the interests of all community members, particularly those from diverse and traditionally underrepresented groups?"


September 2022

How Inclusive are Canada's Chambers of Commerce?
A Report Card
List of Chambers

"A large part of the advocacy commitment of a chamber is taking community-specific issues to various levels of government in support and service to its members. 

Who are the people tasked with delivering these issues to different tiers of government and do they, and the issues themselves, genuinely reflect the business people within their communities? "

Each of Canada's 400+ Chambers of Commerce was evaluated. Not a single one got an 'A'.

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